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Battle Dispatch for December 16, 2017

posted Dec 23, 2017, 10:36 PM by David Rhoades   [ updated Dec 23, 2017, 10:42 PM by Jeremy Meagher ]
Nathaniel Kills the One-Armed Kyle
Being the last man left on his team, Nathaniel called Singles in order to fight his remaining opponents one-on-one. Kyle stepped up to take on Nathaniel, who had shorter reach and less experience. However, despite his apparent disadvantages, Nathaniel fought intelligently and didn't let Kyle set the pace of the fight. Eventually, he was able to whittle Kyle down until he was left without arms. It was an impressive bit of swordplay from a student who is still relatively inexperienced.

Olivia, Rebecca, & Kyle Form a Hammer
When Jeremy spent a round as captain, he split his team into two groups: an aggressive flanking squad (Kyle, Rebecca, and Olivia) and the rest of his line--made up of fighters of all sizes and skill levels. On Jeremy's command, the line pushed forward slowly on the other team while the flanking squad ran wide around them. Jeremy's line kept the other team from running away, but it was the flanking squad who broke their line and handily killed multiple opponents each. It was a decisive victory made possible by a simple, clean, and effective plan. 

Cora Holds Off Jed the Giant
In one of the most impressive match-ups of the day, Jed (a large, highly-skilled fighter) squared up against Cora (who is herself a highly-skilled fighter, albeit less experienced). With both lines unable to get past (or around) each other, the round became a game of "who breaks first." Whichever line could overcome the other would win the game. With that in mind, Jed aggressively attempted to overpower Cora, the end fighter of the opposing team. However, her ability to hold off Jed for an extended period of time bought her team the time they needed; eventually, Jeremy on the other end managed to break through, making quick work of Jed's team shortly afterward.