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Battle Dispatch for November 25, 2017

posted Nov 30, 2017, 6:45 PM by David Rhoades   [ updated Dec 7, 2017, 12:05 PM by Jeremy Meagher ]
This week's stories seem to have a theme: a sword is only as good as the brain that's using it. Enjoy today's Battle Dispatch! 

Cora Backstabs the Line
During a swords-only battle early in the day, Cora Z. managed to eliminate multiple enemies within seconds thanks to quick thinking (and swordsmanship) on her part.

To set the stage, David captained a force of skilled (but not fast) fighters against a highly mobile team captained by Drew. David's team decided to put their strongest fighters on each end of the line--the left side (made of Justin and Cora) would strike hard and fast, while the right side (Tina and Peri) would prevent Drew's fastest runners from flanking.

The middle group (with David, Rebecca, Ethan, Aaron, and a few other less-experienced fighters) formed a single line between both ends--forming a diagonal, if things went to plan.

The fight began quickly! Justin and Cora immediately put pressure on Drew's team, drawing Jeremy and Micah into the fight. The middle group pressed forward slowly. 

While Jeremy occupied Justin, Cora's brother Micah (one of the fastest and most aggressive fighters on Drew's team) squared up to face her. Knowing that her brother was prone to jumping from fight to fight, Cora pressed forward on him--forcing him to take larger and larger steps back until he ran away to another skirmish, playing into her hands.

What Cora had done was expose Drew's team's entire back--and because they were arranged diagonally to meet David's team, she easily ran down the line and killed 3-4 fighters before they noticed she was behind them. With such a massive tactical victory, her team went on to win shortly afterward.

Micah, Aaron, & Caleb Strike Like Lightning
In another fight, Micah and newcomers Caleb and Aaron demonstrated the power of hitting hard and hitting fast. Alyssia and Jeremiah each captained a team of experienced fighters--however, what Alyssia's team also had were eager newcomers who weren't afraid to run into a fight. What they lacked in experience, they made up for with speed and enthusiasm.

Jeremiah opted for a defensive formation--keep the other team from flanking, and push ahead slowly and deliberately. However, Alyssia opted for almost the exact opposite plan: she would field their fastest fighters on either side of the line to flank as aggressively as possible. In the end, this was the strategy that won the day.

While Jeremiah's team walked up confidently and slowly (at first), Micah, Aaron, and Caleb (and a fourth fighter who was too fast to be recorded) split up and attacked each end of Jeremiah's line. The team was immediately on the defensive, and the aggressive tactics broke through each end--forcing the line to bend into a U-shape and turn away from the rest of Alyssia's team. 

The result was chaos

Alyssia's team made short work of Jeremiah's team, who weren't able to regain their composure or reform the line. It was a well-deserved victory for Alyssia's team, who recognized that sometimes being fast can make up for having little experience.

Ethan Waits Out His Opponents
In a game of King of the Hill, Jeremy divided fighters into a random arrangement of teams using a deck of cards. As a result, one of the teams was severely outnumbered (and out-skilled) by the rest. The team of four (which included a strong newcomer named Ethan) did their best to avoid confrontation with larger, more skilled teams--but eventually, the entire team was killed except for Ethan. He learned from his team's mistakes and hung back during the whole game. Whether it was lack of attention or underestimation, no one on the field noticed that Ethan was inching closer and closer to the King Tree as they drifted further and further away.

When the rest of the fighters were locked in battle nearly 50 yards away, Ethan made his move--and won the game with seconds to spare. By being patient and playing smart, he used his one advantage (being on his own) to defeat the other, better-equipped teams.