Introduction to Evach Lahak

Evach Lahak means sword squad and it emphasizes teamwork and tactics as much as we do individual fighting skill. Evach Lahak also teaches appropriate attitudes and encourages good work ethic. Concentration on teamwork adds a different dimension to traditional weapons martial arts. Teams can be very powerful, as the power of a good team is much greater than the sum of the skills of the individual fighters. Teamwork was the secret of the Roman legions, Greek hoplites, and the Mongol hordes. The average Roman, Greek, or Mongol was not very impressive by themselves, but with good teamwork they defeated many.

Teams must be led. Evach Lahak goes beyond traditional martial arts by gives people the unique opportunity to lead against an actual opposing team that thinks and reacts in real time. Leaders have to think about how to place and move fighters. They have to know how, when, and if to attack or defend. They have to know how to change plans when things do not go as expected. Evach Lahak gives fighters an opportunity to grow as leaders and develop new skills that will translate to other aspects of life.