Our fighting involves getting hit with shinais, foam weapons, mock arrows and javelins. It is important to come dressed for the occasion! Although our weapons and rules are made with safety as a priority, to prevent injury we have to remember that we are still engaging in a “contact” sport.

Shinais can found here:

Recommend Clothing for Safety

Hats: Any hat is better than nothing, but a wide brimmed hat such as a boonie hat is particularly helpful in protecting the ears. This is good for both the sun and swords.

Eye Protection: Goggles are mandatory for everyone. Shooting, racquetball or similar high impact goggles work well. Lacrosse goggles, paintball masks and even helmets are sometimes used. Do not wear “glass” glasses unless safety goggles are worn over them.

Gloves: Your hands will thank you. When choosing gloves it is important to remember that the BACK of your hands are what need protecting. Motorcycle or welding gloves are popular, leather gloves work well. Thin cotton gloves or gloves without fingers are not very effective but are better than nothing. Gloves do not count as armor and if they extend past the wrist do not block shots to the arm. Overly bulky gloves make any strike to the glove count as an arm hit. This includes hockey gloves, lacrosse gloves, and other gloves with thick padding.

Shirt and Pants: Getting hit with shinais on bare skin can hurt. Long sleeved shirts and long pants are recommended if temperature permits. It is important though to remember that there running around takes place fairly often.

Shoes: Sturdy shoes or boots with ankle support are recommended. Hiking shoes, combat boots, and mid or high top athletic shoes are good. Slick soled shoes, deck shoes and other low cut footwear do not provide very good stability or ankle support. Footwear with open toes or slick soles is not recommended.

Pads: Knee and elbow pads can be useful. Using leather or metal throat guards (usually from SCA sources) is also a good idea. Guys may want to wear a cup. Note that these items are for protection and do not count as any sort of armor.

Other Suggestions:

Everyone is advised to remove jewelry and watches. Piercings can hurt if they get hit. In the event that piercings cannot be removed, adding tape or padding is recommended. It is not recommended to fight with keys or cell phones on your person. Do not have anything on you that could be broken as this is a physical contact activity.