Special Game Rules


Icons: Each team will have one or more icons. When all the icons on a team are dead, the fight is over regardless of who is still alive. If icons are optional this should be determined before picking.


I. Capture the Flag

a. Each team has a flag. To win a team must have all flags at their base.

b. Intentional friendly fire does not count. No mercy killing teammates.

c. When you die go to the respawn location and count 60 seconds.

d. Return to your home base and touch the flag’s resting location to become alive again. If there is fighting around your flag say ALIVE so everyone around you knows you are alive.

e. If your flag is not at your base when you respawn, you must go back to your base first.

f. If you lose an arm that is carrying the flag, you must drop the flag and may not switch hands.

g. Flags on poles used in capture the flag games are not weapons and cannot be used to block weapons.

h. Any dead weapons may respawn with dead people.

II. Circle of Iron

a. The Circle is strictly honorable combat, meaning no backstabbing.

b. You cannot start fighting the person to your immediate right or left.

c. You can fight two or three on one, but you have to let them know you are joining.

d. Injured limbs carry over between fights.

e. You cannot hold back and must join in fights as they are available.

III. Healing Queens

a. The captain is the “queen” and can heal teammates with a touch from a free hand.

b. Dead teammates are beyond healing.

c. A queen cannot be healed.

d. The queen may or may not be an icon.

IV. Path Battle

a. Both teams start on the path.

b. Touching the ground off the path results in death.

c. Dead should be at least 5 feet from the edge of the path.

V. Knights Battle

a. Each team has an equal number of knights.

b. Knights wear helmets and the only place they may be struck is the head.

c. Generally the knight is an icon if there is only one, but not always.

VI. Hunt

a. A large team and a small team are picked. The small team should be about 1/4 of the large team’s numbers.

b. The large team may only use single sword. The small team may use any weapons.

c. The small team is given time (a few minutes) to hide and then the large team hunts them.

VII. Cards

a. A deck of cards is needed. Everyone draws from the deck and the suit of the card determines who is on which team.

b. Jokers can join any team they wish to at the start of the battle, but they are a team of their own with any other jokers who may or may not be there.

c. The number of cards can be fixed to produce even teams or left random for random teams.

VIII. Russian Weaponry

a. Each team starts with a set number of swords, generally less than the number of people on each team.

b. Any number of swords can be used by each person, but each team can only have that limit.

c. Upon death, swords should be dropped. Dropped swords may be picked up by anyone as long as the limit per team is not exceeded.

d. Swords on the ground cannot be called dead.

IX. Arena

a. At least three teams are needed, but there is no maximum to number of teams.

b. Each team sends in a certain number of people (usually one) at a time who fight all the other people sent in.

c. When someone dies their team sends someone else in to replace them.

d. The captain must go in last.

e. Teammates are able to give warnings and advice if they are alive or dead. (Cheering on your team is encouraged!)

X. Yojimbo

a. One person is selected to be "It."

b. Everyone works together to try to kill the person who is "It."

c. The person to land the killing blow becomes the new "It."

d. The new “It” has 5 seconds before they can be attacked.

e. When the person who is "It" dies all limbs are restored and everyone is alive again.

f. The game ends when the person who is "It" manages to kill everyone still fighting.

XI. War Lords

a. There are two classifications of people.

i. War Lord

ii. Slave

b. The game starts with everyone as their own War Lord.

c. When you die you become a Slave of the person who killed them or the owner of the person who killed them and respawn in 20 seconds. Take a knee or lie down and count where you die.

d. A War Lord may kill one of their Slaves to regenerate one of their limbs.

e. If a War Lord dies all of their slaves go free.

f. The game ends when everyone is a Slave to one War Lord.

XII. Switch Game

a. One person needs to volunteer to not fight and be the switch.

b. Set up locations for the two goals before picking teams.

c. The switch starts in the middle of the two goals and each team starts lined up behind their goal.

d. If the switch is tapped with a weapon they:

i. Moving in the direction of the team that tapped them if they were stopped.

ii. Change directions if they are already moving.

e. If the switch gets tapped multiple times in a short period of time and lose track of which direction they should go they are to stop.

f. When the switch reaches a goal that team wins.

XIII. Death Clock

a. An area needs to be marked and a counting spot near it needs to be designated.

i. If the size of the area is decreasing specify before starting.

b. When the first person dies they go to the counting spot and facing away from the area silently count to 20 seconds and then call FREEZE.

c. When freeze is called, anyone without a living limb in the area is dead.

d. After the dead leave the area, those left alive call ready and lay-on and repeat as above until only one person is left alive.